Fantini Bakery is more than just a brand. We are a family committed to a time-honored tradition of producing and distributing fresh, artisan baked goods throughout all of New England. Originally founded in 1902 by Sabatino Fantini, Fantini Bakery had a humble, but proud beginning in Haverhill, MA. Our bakery began as a modest, over-the-counter sales operation in which we produced quality, hand-mixed breads and baked them fresh daily in brick ovens.

Throughout the years, Fantini Bakery has continued to grow, passing from generation to generation, all the way to our current and fifth-generation owners, Joe and Robert Fantini. We follow the same tradition for excellence, and this commitment translates into the delicious products that our customers know and love. Our traditional recipes remain the same, and we are excited to routinely offer our customers new and exciting baked goods.

We are proud to be celebrating over 120 years of excellence in quality and service this year, and our customers remain at the very heart of our business today. Fantini Bakery continues to make major advancements in equipment and facilities to ensure we always provide the service and baked goods you’ve come to associate with the Fantini Bakery name.